If you already love the idea of earning money by sharing products with your friends and being part of a network in favor of a better world, there is more! Check out a unique range of advantages of being a Natura Beauty Consultant: 

1- Enjoy a different and refreshing business model

Forget the idea that selling is something hard with a lot of pressure. You'll be your own boss and decide your own pace.

2- Instant commission.

As soon as a client places an order, the system automatically splits your commission and you will receive the deposit within five days. 

3- Pushy and aggressive? Never!

You'll have a much more fun way to talk to your customers. You are free to reach out to customers by sharing content of products and interacting virtually. Our social selling model is built to help you construct relations - not wear them out. “I love the personal relationship we have and that goes beyond a sale”, says Aide Jimenez Franco, Natura beauty consultant in Mexico.

4- Make the sale digitally.

Natura's Digital Platform allows virtual interactions and makes your selling routine easier. “Being digital made it easier because I don’t need to be charging my clients and reminding them to pay me”, says Nadja Kelly, Natura beauty consultant in Brazil. You can also provide to your customer's transparency of product information, price, genuine user’s reviews and testimonials.

5- ‘No stock needed’.

That is a big benefit! You don't have to invest in purchasing what you are going to sell.

6- Save time!

Natura delivers the products to your customers. You can save time to do what you love the most.

7- 100% vegan and much more.

You’ll be proud of being part of a company that brings a new proposal connected with the planet’s needs and people’s needs. Natura combines the best ingredients from the Amazon with cutting edge technology. This is a win-win game!

8- Natura is for everybody. 

Our portfolio has options for all ages and tastes. So, you always have an opportunity to sell our products.