Maybe you are at a point, wondering how to find your first clients, and how to increase your customer’s network later! You are not alone. Many Natura Beauty Consultants had the same questions in the beginning. And we know how to help you. Follow these steps which have brought results to more than 1.7 million consultants all over the world:

Step 1 - It all begins with you!

Your first move is to try Natura beauty products because there is no better selling strategy than your true testimony about product results. Try. Share. Sell. Repeat. This is the virtuous cycle of social selling, which works for both in-person and digital sales. “The digital world is a reality. Everybody is buying online and may buy from you too”, says Maiara Stürmer, beauty consultant in Brazil, who has a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing relevant beauty content.

Step 2 - Tell your friends and family

Once you try out and fall in love with a product, tell people you know about it. Post a video or a picture on your Instagram profile. You can also use Whatsapp to share a review about the product or send the link of your e-store - so your customers can buy online, making their life (and your life) easier. Your Experience Kit is the perfect way to showcase Natura’s range of products by experimenting and demonstrating first-hand the use of the products on your clients. Lastly, our store is your playground! Have fun going to the pop-up to try the products, promote experimentation, and create relevant content to engage the audience in your Instagram, as well as other social media. Important tip: know your audience and send a customized product review to different clients. For example, if you have a friend that is losing hair after she gave birth, tell her about the Patauá hair tonic, a product that strengthens your hair. This is a way to show you truly care for relations beyond a sale. Build confidence since the beginning.

Step 3 - Visit your inner circle and demonstrate the products.

If you have a friend who is interested in buying the products, you can meet her so she can try it out. This can be a fun and bonding experience and allows her to find out about products she wasn’t interested in before. You can also become a reference for anyone looking for a gift. Natura offers a wide range of high quality and trendy gifts that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and great options for all occasions. “I’m known in my city as the ‘gift seller’. I’m always promoting on my social networks. It’s the relationship I have with my costumer. I’m proud of the person I became”, says Laís Dafne, Natura beauty consultant in Brazil.

Step 4 - Start growing your network

Once your friends and family - your inner circle - starts buying products from you, and recognize you as a Natura Beauty Consultant, they will start spreading the word and recommending you and your profile to their friends. This helps you grow your customer base faster. Take advantage of this moment to interact digitally with them.

Step 5 – Create a bond with your clients

Feel comfortable and more experienced in your beauty consultant activity? Continue posting product reviews and videos on your social media. And send personalized messages with the name of your client – experienced Natura consultants say that this simple tip helps a lot

Believe me, taking the first step is the hardest. After that, you'll start to sell and have fun. “The first step is to believe. Believe in yourself, believe that you’re going to sell, believe that you can, and the second step is to start selling, making new clients”, concludes Laís.