We understand that a new kind of beauty calls for a new kind of business. Being a Natura Beauty Consultant is more than just selling beauty products. It's having fun, saving time and making extra money doing the things you love like spreading beauty!

One of the advantages of being part of our community is that you don't have to waste time, money or even energy because technology is working in your favor. Natura's Digital Platform helps you in many ways:

  • You will have your own webpage since day one. There you can share beauty content and sell to your friends anywhere in Malaysia with a few clicks. It´s fun and easy!

  • No stock needed. No minimum order. You have everything you need to start selling all the products right away.

  • Instant Commission! You will receive your commission within five days. You'll have a business panel to keep the track of every sales and consumer that has purchased with you.

  • Natura can charge and deliver for you, so you can dedicate your time to do what you love.

    Looking for more reasons to become part of our positive impact network of 1.7 million Natura Beauty Consultants? Here you have some inspiring stories!

    When we say that we care for you, it means that we work hard to create a business model that delivers what you need to your life. It can be an extra income to make your dreams come true. Vani Machado, a Natura beauty consultant in Brazil, is an example. She bought her own home, a vacation home and just finished paying for her car. Now she wants to make her daughter's dreams come true: “Ayala is 21 years old, finishing her college degree, with the desire of going abroad. And thanks to this job, I can support her in all her endeavors, and Natura is right by my side ”, she says. 

    Maybe you are looking for more flexibility to work and taking care of people you love, like Flávia Silveira, also a Natura beauty consultant in Brazil: “Natura came into my life and helped me to make more time for my children.”

    For sure, it's also a way to feel challenged, achieve professional goals and make connections . Like Jessica Veronica Cañete, in Argentina: “Being a Natura beauty consultant challenges me to always be moving forward. What I most value about the relationship I have with my clients is trust. This closeness, being able to sit down, not only to see the Natura product magazine but also chat a little ”, explains.

    We also care for relations , because we believe that connections are essential in a happy and meaningful life. Once you become a Natura Beauty Consultant you'll have every single day the chance of encouraging people to feel better and have higher self-esteem. “Being a Natura consultant means giving people the belief in themselves”, endorses Amaranta Valdés Zorrilla, from Chile.

    In fact, we believe beauty is a great way to make people feel better in their own skin. And then spread care and beauty in the world.

    Want more? You'll always have the support of a global network and be part of it. “My greatest achievement as a Natura consultant is that they have recognized the person I am”, completes Amaranta.

    Finally, we ca re for the planet as you do. We offer products that are 100% vegan with a commitment to the planet. “To be a Natura Beauty consultant is empowering other women through beauty and sell products without affecting the planet in a sustainable way with high quality”, believes Stepanie Cerff Cerna, from Peru.

    The first step to join us is to click here and complete your registration. After that, Natura Business Manager will contact you to tell you more about Natura and get you started. You'll have the opportunity to try our beauty products from the Amazon and press play in your beauty expert journey. Are you ready?