Lumina: Get To Know The Truths Behind Our Hair Care Line

Lumina proposes a new way of treating hair, delivering what each strand really needs: true regeneration, no more no less. And with no tricks.

In a world full of promises, the truth is enlightening. So here we are opening up our “kitchen” so you can see what this line does and doesn't do. Truly healthy hair, with no hot air and no miracles.  

The truth about our Pró-Teia Biotechnology 

It is possible to have healthy hair without any tricks, with Pró-teia Biotechnology. Exclusive to the brand, it guarantees healthy hair from the first application. It was inspired by the protein in a spider’s web, whose design is very close to the protein in hair strands. For this reason, it is capable of promoting an intelligent protein recharge, from the inside of the strand out and only where it is damaged, nothing more, nothing less. The results have been proven in the laboratory and with consumers. It was noted, for example, that discolored hair presented a reduction of up to 70% in porosity. However, this does not mean we restore the strand to its virgin state. We do not work miracles, but we can guarantee beautiful and healthy hair.

All the benefits we communicate are real and have been proven 

All the benefits communicated by our products have been proven by means of laboratory tests with locks of hair. Moreover, they were tested with volunteer consumers for one week, who confirmed the perception of the result in their own hair. 

Our models do not use wefts or hair extensions 

In the photos and videos of our models we do not use: wefts or any type of hair extension that misrepresent or disguise the natural shape of the hair and the results obtained with the products. The hair was treated exclusively with Natura Lumina before and during the trial because we want to show the real results of the products. Yes, we do use dryers to model hair, after all, this is a basic element in the finalization routine. We only use Photoshop to retouch color and light in our photos. 

We do not have solutions for all your needs - YET! 

The brand presents complete treatment systems for the main needs of your hair – no more, no less. This means that each treatment system offers only the ideal number of treatment steps for a determined type of hair, with variations between each one of the systems. Some hair types need more treatment components than others since each type has different needs. The perceived result is enhanced by the use of the complete treatment system.  But we are just beginning! Some treatment systems are still in the pipeline. 

We are Vegan and Cruelty-free 

We do not conduct tests on animals and our products have no ingredients of animal origin either in the formulas or in the packaging. 

Yes, we use sulfate in our products

We have not stopped using sulfate in our shampoos, except in the treatment systems for curly and frizzy hair. Sulfate is not a villain and does not harm hair when combined with the other ingredients in the shampoo formulations. Sulfate is an ingredient with high cleansing power, responsible mainly for removing impurities and dirt from the hair. So why is it not used in the systems for curly and frizzy hair? Because people with this type of hair have dryer scalps that require more gentle cleansing. 

Our packs are sustainable

Our bottles are made from 100% green plastic, derived from sugar cane rather than petroleum. Our bottles and lids are 100% recyclable. Furthermore, our refills use on average 80% less plastic than regular packs. But to be truthful, our labels and the membrane used to seal the products are not recyclable because of the combination of materials necessary in their production. 


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