Just as good health can influence your hair, certain daily habits are also useful. Understand the impact of each on hair growth:

1. Avoid tying your hair up all the time

Tying your hair up in tight pony tails – among other styles – damages the strands because it inflames the root and may cause traction alopecia (an irreversible type of hair loss). So, one of our tips on how to make your hair grow is to tie the hair up only on occasion and to not to go to bed with it tied up.

2. Comb and brush carefully

The recommendation is to brush and comb your hair as little as possible, because this can damage the bulbs. Combs should have wide teeth and preferably be made of wood, while brushes should have broad bristles.

Specialists suggest avoiding combing/brushing in the shower. It is best to remove the excess water first, because the strands are more fragile when they are wet.

3. Wash your hair with appropriate products

Always choose shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type. Another recommendation is to pay attention to the pH of the products. Ideally they should be around 5.5 (acid), which corresponds to the pH of hair.

You should also use products of the same brand and product line, like Natura Patauá. The shampoo removes the grease and cleans the strands, while the conditioner returns a little of the fat. For this reason it is important that they should have the same action mechanism.

4. Massage your hair while washing

In addition to using the right products for your hair type, another tip for making your hair grow involves care while washing it. To stimulate growth, massage the scalp gently, always using your fingertips.

5. Stop smoking

If eating well is a habit that has a positive influence on hair growth, others such as smoking jeopardise the process. The components of cigarettes – principally nicotine – decrease the calibre of the blood vessels, which reduces the intake of nutrients by the strands of hair.

What did you think of our tips on making your hair grow? Taking this kind of care, you will strengthen your hair and make it grow quickly!