Throughout your life, you will perceive different signs of ageing in your skin, and some habits can accelerate the appearance of these signs. To decelerate the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and flaccidity, we need to use a good anti-signs face cream. The secret is to choose one in accordance with the skin needs of each age group.

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Understanding which are the most effective ingredients for maintaining a healthy appearance over time is the first step towards defining the ideal product for you. And here is a “spoiler”: sun protection is indispensable at any age.

Over 30 years

At this age, the skin starts to show signs of tiredness, the first wrinkles and fine lines. For this reason, the ideal treatment is one that recuperates the energy and renews the complexion. In the morning, try using Energizing 30+ Face Cream Spf30 and, at night Energizing 30+ Face Night Cream, both from Natura’s expert skin care product line Chronos. 

The formula contains jambu extract, an active from Brazilian biodiversity that relaxes the microtensions in the collagen and elastin fibres – which give rise to wrinkles and fine lines – and polyphenols, an ingredient recognized in dermatological cosmetics for its powerful antioxidant action that protects against the loss of cell energy, helping to improve skin renewal. 

Over 45 years

From the age of 45, the skin starts to lose elasticity and tends to become dryer and more opaque. The ideal treatment is one that restores its firmness and radiance. This is when Firming And Radiance 45+ Face Cream SPF30 and Firming And Radiance 45+ Face Night Cream, both from Natura’s expert skin care product line Chronos, come into play. They have a formula rich in jatobá extract, considered to be a natural collagen booster – it increases production by up to four times and protects the existing collagen –, as well as in amino acids, that protect the elastin fibres and inhibit the microdamage that contributes to the formation of wrinkles.

Over 60 years 

In this phase, the wrinkles become more evident and the volume and sustentation of the skin diminish. The ideal treatment involves recuperating facial filling and revitalizing the face. For this reason, Revitalization And Filling 60+ Face Cream SPF30 and Filling 60+ Face Night Cream are ideal. They contain chilla (casearia) extract, a natural skin filler that intensifies the production of hyaluronic acid by up to 25%, and oligosaccharides that strengthen the tissues that sustain the skin.

Over 70 years

This is when the skin becomes thinner and more fragile. The ideal treatment is one that restores and strengthens the skin’s defence system. This is when it is time to use Restoration And Defense 70+ Face Cream SPF 30 and Restoration And Defense 70+ Face Night Cream. They contain passionflower extract, a substance that helps in the reconstruction of the natural hydration and protection, and biosaccharides, which regulate cell functionality, increasing the thickness of the skin.