Our skin has the important function of keeping our body hydrated. That is why it always needs to be balanced in this respect, with its self-hydration mechanisms activated. However, some internal and external factors may alter the way this functions. The result?  Dehydration and signs of dryness, which can happen with any kind of skin – even oily ones – and at any age.

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Boost your skin care routine

The secret to overcoming reactions like this lies in activating your skin’s intelligence with the right product. This is the function of our Aqua Auto-replenish Gel Hydrator. It promotes an instant hydration recharge and also stimulates the skin to self-hydrate intelligently, promoting ideal levels of hydration for a longer period. 

All of this is made possible by its technology: active, prebiotic intelligent hydration.  This activation occurs through the stimulation of the body’s 5 natural hydration mechanisms, stimulating your skin to produce what it really needs. Prebiotic because it maintains the balance of the skin’s microbiota – a set of micro-organisms that live in our skin normally and are important for keeping it healthy – helping to strengthen the cutaneous barrier and raise hydration levels. Intelligent because it understands that each region of our face has different hydration needs and its action is directed specifically at each region. 

All this power is only possible because of innovative active ingredients. Fevillea, an exclusive Brazilian biodiversity active ingredient, stimulates natural hyaluronic acid production mechanisms, increasing water levels even in the deepest layers. Whereas the powerful prebiotic present in the formula is responsible for maintaining the balance of the microbiota. In parallel, the hyaluronic acid-BT increases hydration levels immediately, helping to reduce the visible signs of dryness. This combination repairs the hydration levels in accordance with the needs of each region of the face.

Immediate and long-term benefits

Indicated for all skin types, Aqua Auto-replenish Gel Hydrator has a light texture, refreshing and is rapidly absorbed. 

Its use boosts water levels in the skin by up to 84% immediately. Within seven days, it is possible to note that the skin is soft and free of signs of dryness. After 15 days of constant use, it activates the five skin self-hydration mechanisms and the Fevillea stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid. After 30 days, the microbiota will be balanced and the cutaneous barrier will be strengthened. To ensure the benefits are maintained for longer, use the product continuously combined with all the products of our Instant Hydration Recharge Routine. 

How and when to use?

As part of the super-concentrates, use of Aqua Auto-replenish Gel Hydrator is recommended at least once a day, at whatever time you prefer and always after the cleansing stage and before applying during the daytime or night time anti-signs face cream indicated for your age group.

Apply a quantity equivalent to the size of a coin and spread it while massaging. Massage it in with outward movements, applying moderate pressure with the tips of the fingers.