Combining treatments is the secret of success for a beauty routine that meets all your skin’s needs. Prior to this, however, it is important to understand the specificities of each cosmetic that will be part of the care routine. The first step is to understand that Aqua auto-replenish gel hydrator and Anti-signs of aging face cream are not alternatives for each another, but rather complements. 

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How does Aqua auto-replenish gel hydrator work? 

The new Aqua auto-replenish gel hydrator is a super-concentrate indicated for women whose skin is dehydrated with signs of dryness. It promotes an instant hydration recharge and stimulates intelligent self-hydration. But how does it work in practice? 

Generally, cosmetics products have two mechanisms to promote hydration. The first is by means of occlusion, when the ingredients in the formulation form a surface barrier over the skin, impeding the loss of water. The second is called humectation, which means that some of the formula’s active ingredients attract and draw water into the skin, immediately increasing the hydration level of the cutaneous surface.  

Both are very efficient. Their action is immediate, but it ends when we wash the skin and remove the product applied to it.  

The good news is that the advance in research in this area has revealed new hydration mechanisms: active hydration, stimulating natural skin self-hydrating mechanisms, and prebiotic hydration, the strengthening of the cutaneous barrier as a result of balancing the microbiota – the set of micro-organisms that live normally in our skin. Both produce longer lasting results, that do not stop when we wash the skin and remove the product.   

All of these are offered by Aqua Auto-replenish Gel Hydrator, thanks to the presence of Fevillea, a Brazilian biodiversity active ingredient, of the prebiotic and the hyaluronic acid BT in its formula.  

Do anti-signs of aging face cream also hydrate?  

Yes, the daytime and night-time anti-signs of aging face creams have a hydration action, through occlusion and humectation. However, their main function is to provide what the skin needs at each stage of life, attenuating the signs of age, such as wrinkles, fine lines, flaccidity and lack of vigour.  

Different from Aqua Auto-replenish Gel Hydrator, which can be used from the beginning of the adult phase of life, anti-signs are only recommended from 30 years on, when the first signs of aging may be noted. For women in this age group, Chronos Gel Creme Antissinais, promotes renewal and energy, for women aged over 45, firming and radiance, from 60, revitalization and filling, and over 70, restoration and defence.  

Aqua Auto-replenish Gel Hydrator is not a substitute for anti-signs of aging 

Even though they both have two hydration mechanisms, they should not be considered as substitutes for each another. This is because Aqua Auto-replenish Gel Hydrator does not have anti-ageing action, while the anti-signs face cream does not have the hydration power of a super-concentrated product. The solution? Include both in your routine for even better results.   

How to combine the treatment 

In the daytime, start with cleansing. This involves the foam, the makeup remover, micellar water and/or the tonics: choose the product according to your skin type. After this, use the specific super-concentrates for each region and need of the face, applying them in accordance with the instructions provided. This is the moment when Aqua Auto-replenish Gel Hydrator should be applied.  

After this, it is time for the daytime Anti-signs of aging face cream indicated for your age. If you so wish, you can finish with a sun protector and/or makeup. 

At night-time, the order is the same, but with some adaptations: exchange the daytime Anti-signs of aging face cream for the night-time version and you don’t need the sun block.