Since 2014 we have been B Corp certified, meaning we belong to a global network of companies that associate economic growth with promoting social and environmental well-being. The certification, which was renewed in 2017, is one of the symbols of our commitment to sustainable development. B Corp companies seek to be the best FOR the world, not IN the world.

We were the first publicly-traded company to join this network. In this group of more than 2,700 companies, we are the largest representative of the cosmetics sector. In Brazil, another 140 companies are B Corp (the number for Latin America is 450).

With the certification, our social and environmental mission was incorporated into the company bylaws. Which meant ensuring that business growth reflected the company’s reason for being: to generate a positive impact.

B Corp Movement

The B Corp movement started in the United States in 2006, led by B Lab, a non-profit organisation of companies having the conviction that it is possible to generate social and environmental and economic development by means of products, practices and governance.

To be granted the seal and become part of the B Corp movement, the company is submitted to a rigorous certification process and must score a minimum of 80 points from a total of 200.

Renewal of certification

To maintain the certificate, the company submits to a new assessment every three years. This commitment is yet another way for us to reaffirm our sustainable development targets, set forth in the company’s 2050 Sustainability Vision. The vision contains goals within the three pillars that guide our activities: Brands and Products, Our Network (all the stakeholders with whom we relate), and Management and Organisation.

Upon renewing the certification in 2017, we scored 120 points, an increase of 11% compared with 2014, when we joined the B Corp network. On average, the other certified manufacturing companies scored 105 points. The renovation included our international operations – Latin America, the United States and France – and the Australian brand Aesop, acquired in 2016.

By joining the B Corps, Natura wants to strengthen a global movement of companies that put their businesses at the service of a better world. In this context, the legitimate ambition to grow and to generate profit must be reconciled with the virtue of promoting wealth for society as a whole, driving positive impact in the financial, social and environmental dimensions, as the Natura CEO, João Paulo Ferreira, stated upon the company’s recertification.
Environmental accounting

Since 2014, we have conducted a number of actions to drive the evolution of our sustainability strategy, while in parallel we increased our score as a B Corp company. We were the first company in Latin America to account for the impact of our business on the environment and society by means of the international environmental accounting methodology known as EP&L, Environmental Profit & Loss.

Based on this analysis, which encompasses all the stages of the product life cycle, we are able to take into account the use and pollution of water, the emission of greenhouse gases and other atmospheric pollutants, for example. In addition to being a pioneering tool to orientate our strategic decisions, the EP&L confirmed the positive impact of initiatives we have adopted over time, such as the use of Amazonian biodiversity ingredients in our products.

B Commerce

The renewal of the B Corp certification was commemorated with the launch of B Commerce in our online store. This tool provides consumers with information about the causes that we support throughout their shopping journey, enabling them to understand how their purchases can generate a positive impact on society and on the planet. The intention is to stimulate more intelligent and more engaged consumption.