One of Natura’s most iconic brands, which was born to demonstrate the importance of the bond of love between mothers and babies and to show how this bond can transform the child’s future, now has a new look. In 2019, more than 25 years after it was launched, the Mamãe e Bebê formulas and packaging are being updated and are inviting society to be part of this care, because if we want the world to be a better place, we need to take care of our babies and love them today.

The new formulas are 100% vegan; they are safe and may be used from the first day of life because they contain only what is essential for baby’s sensitive skin. With 96% ingredients of natural origin in the daily care items and 89% in perfumery, the products are dermatologically tested and approved by paediatricians. They do not contain any ingredients that harm the baby’s skin. The delicate smell of tenderness in all products is even safer!

The new packs have a new, more joyful design that translates this loving care for baby. All the bath items now have a valve to make them easier to use, and the bottles are all made from 100% green plastic.

For mothers, the products accompany all the phases of the transformation of the body, from the beginning of the pregnancy to post-natal care. The new formulas contain almond oil and help to prevent stretch marks; they also have a suave perfume for mother’s sensitive sense of smell.