Caring for the skin on your face is the right thing for men, you’d better believe it. And it has many benefits: it reduces ingrown beard hair, decreases excessive oiliness and prevents dryness and acne. The world is more beautiful when we take care of ourselves. This is why we have some facial skin care tips for you to incorporate into your routine.

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The first step is cleansing the skin. Keeping the skin clean helps control oiliness and eliminates the impurities that accumulate during the day. It is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of your skin – is it normal, oily or mixed? – and to choose the most appropriate product.

The dermatologist Jardis Volpe talks about caring for mixed and oily skin. Oiliness also helps to hydrate the skin. You cannot remove too much of the oil, because if you do, the sebaceous glands work overtime and produce even more cutaneous sebum.” According to him, ideally you should wash your face twice a day: in the morning and at night, and always with a suitable product.


With the face clean and dry, the next step is hydration. A moisturiser in lotion or gel form is perfect for men’s skin. Well hydrated skin prevents dryness and decreases the shine caused by excess oiliness.


Exfoliating helps control oiliness and obstruct pseudofolliculitis barbae or razor bumps. This problem occurs when the hair grows inwards, penetrates and stays trapped in the skin. It leaves those small spots that look like pimples.
In addition to exfoliating, the dermatologist recommends that men with sensitive skin use an electric razor, as well as a balm. The exfoliation process should be conducted twice a week, using a specific product for the face.


Sun protection is a fundamental finish for the skin care routine. In addition to protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, the product is essential for preventing skin cancer, controlling oiliness and the appearance of spots. Sun protection should be reapplied throughout the day, even when indoors.

Beards also protect facial skin

The beard strands help to protect men’s faces from external aggression, such as solar radiation and pollution. According to Volpe, the skin under the beard also ages less. But you cannot take too much care.

In order not to damage the skin over time, the dermatologist recommends shaving after showering or after applying a hot towel to the face. “Both measures help a lot. They prepare the skin and hydrate it. The heat enables the blade to glide more easily over the skin, facilitating removal of the beard”, says Volpe.

Also a good shaving cream is necessary to protect the skin from the blade. “Shaving can cause micro-aggressions on the skin. This is why ideally you should also use an aftershave balm.” To finish, you can apply a specific oil. This leaves the facial hair softer, as well as hydrating the beard and the skin.