Cleansing your face daily is essential for a healthy appearance. But to ensure this is effective, a soap indicated for your type of skin is not enough. To get better results, you should also use a toner.

There are two types for you to choose from depending on your skin characteristics. These are Hydrating Toner, indicated for normal to dry skin, and Pore Purifying Essence, recommended for combination to oily skin.

Both employ CellDetox technology which offers exclusive benefits for the skin, such as healthier cells. These boost the skin’s energy level, preparing it for the next treatment stage and reducing the signs of tiredness provoked by excessive toxins, such as yellowing of the skin and loss of natural sheen;  

Why tone the skin?

Toners are cosmetics that help cleanse the skin and compensate for some of its characteristics, such as excessive oiliness. The main functions of toners include:

  • Complementing cleansing, tackling impurities that are difficult to remove with other products;
  • Maintaining the skin’s natural balance;
  • Reinvigorating and recuperating the skin’s vitality;
  • Preparing the skin for the next stage of cosmetic treatment. 

Which product is better for me?

The Hydrating Toner is indicated for normal to dry skin. Its formulation contains vitamin E and vegetable glycerine, which increase softness, protection and facilitate hydration. Pore Purifying Essence is more indicated for mixed to oily skin. Its formula contains salicylic acid, which cleanses and unblocks the pores, and other ingredients that reduce the oiliness of the skin throughout the day.

If I use one of these products, do I run the risk of having dry skin?

Not if you use the right product for your skin type. Remember: astringent products should only be used on mixed and oily skin, and moisturising toners are for normal to dry skin.

How often should I use a toner?

Use it in the morning and at night, every day after cleansing your face and make sure it is right for your skin type:

  • Soothing cleansing foam for all skin types
  • Moisturising creamy soap for normal to dry skin
  • Deep cleansing gel soap for mixed to oily skin

After applying the toner, wait for the skin to dry before continuing with your anti-signs or moisturising treatment. If you have makeup on, use Biphase Make up Remover, before all the previous stages.

How to apply toner correctly?

From the centre to the sides, apply the product with smooth, circular upward movements for the face and downward ones for the neck. Avoid the area around the eyes.