If you ask an Asian woman what her biggest beauty concern is, maybe she will say that she is plagued by uneven skin tone. Or she will tell you that her skin is more prone to sensitivity and dryness. It is also common for Asian women to develop skin pigmentation in their early twenties.

Asian skin also has more oil glands than Caucasian skin - that's why they are concerned about being more prone to acne. On the positive side, they have the benefit of having a thicker and denser dermal layer since the concentration of collagen is higher. What does this mean? Asian skin shows fewer signs of premature aging! Having firmer skin is one of the assets in Asian women. Firmer skin = healthy skin: a skin with tone, that is well hydrated and looks well cared for any age. 

How to thank and prolong this natural gift

The magic of firmer skin begins to run out when the natural production of collagen decreases. As the years go by, the levels of this protein starts to decrease, resulting in the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, as well as increased sagging. According to dermatologists, the levels of this protein starts to drop at around the age of 30 - or a little later if you are lucky (!), OR if you are Asian. 

Naturally produced by the organism, collagen is an essential protein for maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin. So, the secret to maintaining this natural tensor effect for many, many years, is to keep the natural collagen production high.

Immediate lifting effect

You can adopt a beauty routine that stimulates the production of collagen, such as the Natura Ultimate Firmness & Elasticity Routine , a 5-step skin care daily routine that boosts natural collagen production by up to 8x and creates an immediate lifting effect.

This routine contains 2 specific treatment serums for your skin:

1. Intensive Firming Serum : immediately restores the skin's firmness and elasticity. Over time, it also smoothens out wrinkles and lightens your skin.
This serum is formulated with the super concentrated Brazilian biodiversity ingredient Jatobá, saccharides and hyaluronic acid. 
You're about to find out the JATOBÁ is your next best friend and a greatest ally when it comes to firmness and elasticity concerns. It increases the natural production of both collagen and elastin fibres by up to 146%.
SACCHARIDES have a tensing effect on the deepest layers of the skin, reinforcing their firmness.
HYALURONIC ACID, a high-performance ingredient, helps stimulate skin filling while maintaining skin's hydration. 

2. Smoothing Eyes Contour Serum : is an easy-to-apply emulsion with a higher concentration of active ingredients than other ordinary cosmetics treatments. 
The concentrated JAMBU EXTRACT relaxes the collagen and elastin fiber micro tensions that cause wrinkles and expression lines. It is also formulated with hyaluronic acid, immediately brightens the appearance and improves the firmness of your eyelids. 

The combined used of all the Ultimate Firmness & Elasticity Routine reduces existing wrinkles and expression marks and the appearance of new ones.