Sun protection is only one part of your care routine during the hot, sunny days of summer. Facial hydration is another important step towards keeping your skin healthy at this time of year. 

The sun is one of the major causes of dry skin. The heat from its radiation promotes the evaporation of the water in the skin. The corneal layer – the outermost layer of skin – contains approximately 10% to 20% water. The degree of hydration depends on the balance between the water supplied to the body by ingestion or direct application and the water lost to evaporation. 

Therefore it is necessary to observe some rules to ensure your skin is always hydrated during this season. 

Keep an eye on the texture!

Raquel Toyota, a Natura dermatologist, says: “Moisturisers for the face should have a lighter texture, similar to that of serums and fluid lotions that have no oil”. The specialist states that these facial moisturisers should be applied once or twice a day, according to the needs of the skin. 

The good news is that some products incorporate two (or more) functions. This is the case of Ultra-light Multi-protective Fluid. from Chronos. More than just a sun block, it functions as an invisible shield for your skin, protecting it from daily aggressors such as the sun (UVA and UVB), pollution and stress. With a dry touch and a velvety matte finish, it also moisturises the skin, protecting it from photoageing. It is perfect for use during the day, before applying makeup. 

And, if you like coloured filters, Face Tinted Cream, is great for daily use. With SPF 30 / UVAPF 10, it protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays, while hydrating it and disguising flaws. 

Night-time facial hydration

You need to take care of the skin on your face at the beginning and end of your day. And to ensure results, it is important to clean it properly. To do this, Micellar Water, removes up to 98% of makeup and impurities. Indicated for all skin types, its ultra-light texture does not leave the skin oily. Want more? It hydrates for up to 8 hours. 

To finalize your routine, nothing better than Nourishing Night Face Cream. Its moisturising power and light texture with dermocalming action ensure a good night’s rest for your skin. 

According to Raquel, even though it is hotter at this time of the year it is not recommended to have more baths or showers, because this increases the fragility of the skin barrier. Keep to your usual routine. And remember, the water should be lukewarm or cold, never hot. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water.