There may be some misconceptions about men when it comes to personal care, but in fact, everyone loves to feel beautiful. Skin issues such as pimples and the dreaded blackheads can be very annoying, and it is not uncommon for men to look for skincare alternatives. 

Men's Skincare: Simplicity Is Key

A simple routine is the perfect solution to avoid signs of aging and other skin issues. Joana Miranda, Natura's skincare specialist, shares simple tips to develop a skincare routine: easily and quickly! 

1st  Step: Cleansing

For those with oily skin, the recommendation is to cleanse the skin daily with the Natura Homem Facial Cleansing Gel .  This liquid gel cleanser contains cupuaçu betaine and salicylic acid in its formula. These ingredients keep the pores clean and help control oiliness throughout the day.

For those with normal or dry skin, we recommend the Natura Chronos Cleansing Cream . This mild cleanser contains glycoactives which can help maintain skin hydration for a longer period of time. 

2nd Step: Hydration and Protection

Once you've finished washing and gently drying your face, we recommend the Natura Homem Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 30 . With an exclusive anti-aging technology, this product is dry to the touch and is suitable for all ages. 

Our multifunctional Anti-Aging Moisturizer was developed with cacao extract to protect against free radicals and peptides, which help firm, calm and keep the skin hydrated.   

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You will certainly notice that your skin is free of impurities and feels revitalized. Healthy looking skin is the result of a simple but regular skincare routine.

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