People who have combination or oily skin know what it is like to wash their face in the morning only to see it shiny again before lunchtime. With some care, you can keep your face dry until the end of the day!

Control excessive shininess during the day

Deep cleansing

The ritual of controlling oiliness begins with good cleansing in the morning. The impurities obstruct the pores and may cause acne. They increase the production of oil and prevent the penetration of the cosmetics that will be applied next. At this stage, use Deep Purifying Pore Cleanser, which has a special gel texture for combination to oily skin. It contains salicylic acid, which deeply cleanses the pores and ensures control of oiliness for 6 hours.

Astringent detox

The next step is toning the skin. Choose Pore Purifying Essence , which is formulated with CellDetox, an active ingredient that eliminates cellular toxins, giving the healthy cells greater energy to absorb the active ingredients of the treatment products, and salicylic acid, which cleanses and unblocks the pores, as well as other ingredients that reduce the skin’s oiliness during the course of the day. 

Mattifying moisturiser

Yes, oily skin needs moisturising! However, it requires a specific moisturiser. It is best to use gel, fluid lotions or products that have a mattifying effect.

Cleansing in the middle of the day

If your facial skin becomes shiny during the course of the day, you should include a cleansing routine in the middle of the day. Make sure you have some wet wipes in your bag. Another good option is Micellar Water, which cleanses, removes 98% of makeup in just one step and takes care of your skin.  

Exfoliation to the right extent

Exfoliants are important for people who want to control excessive shininess. Impurities and dead cells on the skin help to produce more oiliness. Exfoliate your face twice a week – more than this could produce a rebound effect. Skin Brightening Exfoliator, has a peeling effect, making the texture of the skin more uniform and softening expression lines.

The right makeup

Makeup applied to the skin is a great ally in controlling excessive shininess that can occur during the course of the day. But you cannot use just any product. You need to choose ones that have a mattifying action and that control oiliness. Ideal for all skin types, Serum Foundation SPF18 is a great alternative because it has an ultra-light and ultra-thin texture that allows the skin to breathe and feel comfortable for 24 hours.

Night-time treatment

Do not forget to repeat the entire morning treatment routine at night. And before this, make sure you remove your makeup properly. This is also the time for deeper treatments because your cells are working harder. Before going to bed apply Night Serum For Oil Control And Pores Refiner to promotes immediate reduction in size of pores up to 78%.