Setting aside some time to focus on breathing, trying to reach mental and physical balance, forgetting about our problems and tasks to be done even momentarily, may not be easy, but it is possible! Meditation may be the path to get you there. 

What is meditation?

According to Carla Barrichello, Wellness Manager at Natura, “meditation is not about emptying the mind, it is instead about developing observation skills”. It has been practiced for thousands of years, focusing on our internal world, being completely present at the moment leading to an intimate connection to our breathing. This is why meditation is so beneficial.

“It helps us when we are anxious, stressed, or dealing with sleeping problems and it is ideal for those seeking self-knowledge. When we silence ourselves, we learn so much about ourselves, ”says Carla. 

Would you like to try it? Carla shares some tips on how to incorporate meditation into your routine:

1. Find a quiet place

For beginners, the ideal place is a quiet place. A space where you will be free of interruptions to facilitate your concentration.   

2. Find a comfortable position

You could either stand, sit down or lie down. Most importantly, you must feel comfortable in order to concentrate. Regardless of the posture you choose, make sure it is aligned.

3. Focus on breathing

Carla points out that the main tool for beginners is to focus on their breathing. Inhale for one second and exhale for another second as well. Slowly and over time, increase the duration of each session. Inhale for 2 seconds and exhale for 2 seconds. As you evolve, you will be able to notice that the air that comes in through your nostrils, is at a different temperature compared to the air that goes out of your nostrils. You will be fully focused on the breathing. What are your thoughts?

4. Label your thoughts 

Carla explains that, for instance, when something related to work comes to mind during practice, immediately label that thought “work” and let it go.   

“It seems as though this is a silly exercise, but it works because our minds have a tendency to trigger one thought after another”, explains the specialist.

Meditation contributes so that we do not dwell in our thoughts.  This is the only way we can enjoy the present moment. Over time, consistent practice will allow a longer interval between those thoughts.  

5. Allow yourself to be guided

Guided meditation is crucial for those who are just starting out, since questions are common. Beginners can make great use of applications such as Meditation Natura to facilitate their practice.  

Meditation Natura offers training with an 8-week program, guided meditations through 4 to 10 minutes long audios, exclusive relaxing nature sounds and a clock with bells to alert the end of soundless meditation, as well as inspirational quotes. Available for Android and iOS