In the course of the day, have you noted your hair becoming heavy and losing its bounce? The Lumina Straight Hair Treatment System is here to solve this problem.

It comprises three high performance products which make the hair light and bouncy, while protecting it from external factors such as pollution and free radicals. This is due to the combination of Pro-Teia Biotechnology, an exclusive technology that hydrates the hair to exactly the right extent, with an anti-pollution active in the formula.

Check out how you can include it in your hair care routine.

Purifying Shampoo

Start the treatment with the Shampoo, which guarantees clean hair to exactly the right extent, reducing the oiliness for longer without drying out the tips. It also has an anti-opacity effect that makes your hair glossier. Apply the product to wet hair, massaging it into the scalp. Then rinse!

Protecting Conditioner

After this, the Conditioner ensures hydrated hair that is lighter, bouncier and glossier, with 2X more protection against free radicals. How? Apply to length of strand, avoiding the root. Then, rinse!

Anti-pollution Leave-in Spray

The light formula of the Spray leaves your hair glossy, with 6 in 1 multi-protection: an anti-pollution, anti-humidity, antioxidant, anti-frizz action with thermal and UV protection. How? Apply the product to dry or wet hair, avoiding the roots. And remember: it is a leave in product.

Is your hair dried out?

Straight hair can sometimes present signs of dryness due to certain habits, such as using a dryer and curling iron, swimming in the sea or in a swimming pool. In this case, if you feel the need, you can complement the treatment by using all three products together.