Brazilian biodiversity provides incredible active ingredients for the composition of moisturising products, and Natura Ekos has developed products that deliver scientifically proven benefits based on bioactive ingredients from the Amazon, promoting a connection between consumers and nature.

The oils and butters used to develop the products are extracted sustainably from seeds, pulps and leaves, without using chemical processes - enabling the functional properties of the vegetable raw materials to be maintained.

The products are organised in accordance with their properties and characteristics - perfuming , therapeutic, light and fluid. Learn about the active ingredients in each Natura Ekos moisturiser:


Açaí oil is rich in phytosterols that revitalize the skin, giving it a healthy appearance. Açaí is an important source of income for the population in the Amazon, for which reason it is a symbol of energy and vitality for the local community. Body Lotion With Revitalizing Açaí Oil promotes immediate, prolonged revitalization of the skin. It has a light, rapidly absorbed texture that leaves skin soft and delicately perfumed.


Rich in limonoids and terpenes, andiroba restores the skin, balancing its defence mechanisms. It is perfect for delicate, restorative massages. The andiroba tree is one of the most popular in the forest. Its seeds contain a golden oil, the best-selling home made remedy in the Amazon, well known for its therapeutic powers.

Based on this effect, Natura developed its Andiroba Gel Cream Deodorant for the Legs and Feet, which immediately alleviates the sensation of tiredness in the legs and feet, refreshing them and reducing swelling when used for a massage.

Castanha (Brazil nut)

The chestnut or Brazil nut tree - considered the queen of the forest - is one of the main sources of protein for Amazon communities, sustaining both animals and human beings. Studies developed in the Natura laboratories showed that Brazil nut oil, rich in omega-6 and omega-9, deeply nourishes the skin, stimulating the production of proteins down to the deepest layers. Body Lotion With Castanha Oil is the synthesis of the benefits of this bioactive ingredient: with a creamy, velvety texture, it deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin, improving elasticity and the sensation of firmness.


Murumuru butter restores capillary health with its strong moisturising power. It fills in the deepest layers of the hair with short-chain fatty acids and aligns the strand cuticles with its long-chain fatty acids. Murumuru Restoring Hair Mask promotes the alignment of the cuticles, restoring the hair’s natural elasticity and promoting a sensation of softness and deep hydration.


The ucuuba is an Amazonian tree much sought after for its wood, used to make broom handles and roof slats. Buts its seeds contain something rare and precious: a light butter with great power to heal the skin. The ucuuba butter, dry to the touch and rich in trimyristin, is deeply restorative, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, fundamental components of the skin structure. These benefits are to be found in our Ucuuba Restorative Body Butter, ideal for the driest areas of skin, which is rapidly absorbed and hydrates for up to 48 hours.