Our hands are always highly exposed to external factors, such as pollution, sun rays and chemical products, which can damage the skin in this region. Whoever has never felt their hands dry can cast the first cream! All it needs are a few cold days for the dryness to become even more intense. For this reason, it is fundamental to follow a specific care routine.

Indispensable at home and in your bag, hand cream is a major ally when it comes to moisturising. There are no lack of options to meet the specific needs of your skin. After all, it deserves special attention. Check out the following suggestions of creams that could promote a true transformation in your hands.

1. Nourishing Castanha Hand Cream 

A skin-loving cream blended with Nourishing Castanha oil and Murumuru butter to treat and soften hands. This extremely effective hand balm softens and smooths Skin, strengthening skin’s natural moisture barrier. Its rich texture is absorbed quickly and gives hands a comfortable feeling without stickiness. On top pf all those benefits, our Castanha Nourishing Hand Cream leaves a delicate scent on skin.

Expert tip: gently massage excess cream into nails and cuticles to strengthen fingernails.

2. Restorative Ucuuba Hand Cream

Rich texture, quick absorption and comfortable feeling are the main benefits of this extremely effective hand cream. Enriched with Ucuuba butter, harvested sustainably by local communities from the Amazon, it softens and smooths skin up to 30 hours, and provides a protective barrier for your hands.
Expert tip: use continuously to stimulate natural skin production of collagen and elastin.

Cleaning is also important

Cleaned hands are just as important as moisturized ones. Before moisturising, it is time for the first stage in the hand care routine: cleanse. Our Nourishing Castanha Hands Liquid Soap is the perfect duo for our Nourishing Castanha Hand Cream. This lightly lathering, sulfate-free hand soap cleans hands gently with coconut-derived cleansers paired with comforting Castanha extract from the Amazon. It cleanses gently without over drying, and Leaves hands soft with a delicate woody scent.

Do not forget to protect your hands

After moisturising, it is time for the next stage in the hand care routine: sun protection. Apply a sun protector with SPF of 30 or higher to the back of the hands every day. This creates a barrier against UVA and UVB rays, preventing early ageing. After all, our hands also suffer from the signs of ageing.