Choosing a fragrance to wear on a daily basis or on special occasions is a personal question affecting only the person using it, isn’t it? More or less. By knowing how your fragrance is produced, you can make a choice that has a positive effect on the lives of other people and the environment. 

Besides than expressing our true essence, our fragrances have four components that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. Do you want to know what they are? Let’s have a look!  

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Natura is the 15th most sustainable company in the world 

1) Organic alcohol 

Alcohol obtained from the traditional cultivation of sugar cane involves the intensive use of crop defence products and burning the cane straw to facilitate harvesting, a practice which generates massive greenhouse gas emissions. 

For this reason, since 2007 Natura has used only organic alcohol to manufacture its fragrances. Our supplier of this material is Native, the first company to harvest “green cane” (term which denominates sustainable cultivation) in Brazil. 

In one year of organic production, in addition to offsetting the emission of greenhouse gases derived from its business, Native managed to sequester 45,000 tons of carbon gas that was generated by other economic activities. Moreover, the cultivation of sustainable alcohol contributed to regenerating life in 23,000 hectares of land inhabited by over 340 animal species. 

2) Recycled glass 

Our bottles have had recycled glass in their composition since 2015 (today, each bottle contains up to 30% of this material). This enables us to avoid the disposal 944 tons of glass annually, the equivalent of almost 1 million 1 litre bottles. 

The use of this material has also resulted in a reduction of over 350 tons carbon emissions in the atmosphere per year. 

3) Refills 

To make your option for one of our fragrances a sustainable choice, we also offer refills for our products. In fact, we were the first Brazilian cosmetics company to do this. That was in 1983. 

The same happens in perfumery. We inaugurated this alternative with refills for Ekos Frescor fragrances (coming soon). Made from 100% recycled plastic, our fragrance refills eliminate the disposal of 5 million PET bottles a year.  

4) Live Amazônia 

Another factor making our perfumery sustainable is the use of essential oils obtained from Brazilian biodiversity as the main ingredients. By giving people who live in the Amazon forest the option of generating a higher income from the supply of vegetable ingredients instead of felling trees, we demonstrate our commitment to the planet’s health.