The fragrances we choose to use are like the clothes we wear: they express who we are. This is why they are developed with different profiles and personalities in mind.

If you are looking for a fragrance to call your own or alternatives to your preferred fragrance, have a look at the following tips.

For extroverts

If you like to exchange ideas, make friends and get around, you need a fragrance that conveys energy, such as citrus. Just like Paz e Humor Eau de toilette, that combines citric aromatic notes with Palo Santo essential oil. 

For people who are discreet

For those who don’t like so much attention, milder smells are ideal. Discreet people tend to prefer light fragrances – such as those with lavender –, which are sober and more serene.

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For women, one option is Meu Primeiro Humor Eau de Toilette for women, which has citric notes with a touch of pear frozen cocktail in its composition. While for men, the masculine Kaiak Urbe Eau de Toilette could work, with its refreshing aqueous and woody notes.

For the romantic

Sensitive dreamers, romantic people tend to prefer smells with light or striking sweet touches. The floral fragrances with a touch of fruit work well for this type of personality. This is the case with Luna Radiante Eau de Toilette which has intense citric notes with a touch of Paramela flower, and Essencial Exclusivo Eau de Parfum for men, which is woody with hints of fresh and modern spices.

For elegant people

Aficionados of sophisticated notes, women and men with this type of personality look for refined fragrances. Classical flowers and different fruits normally please women, while men tend to prefer noble spices.

Ilía Eau de Parfum for women – which was developed with a white floral bouquet sweetened with fresh, fruity notes – is perfect for the elegant woman. Men will like the masculine K Eau de Parfum which combines woody and citric notes in addition to a mixture of nine natural raw materials, known as OrPur or Pure Gold.

For the seductive

Do you prefer to use fragrances to show off your sensuality? People aware of their own power of attraction usually prefer striking products, like Essencial Eau de Parfum for women, which mixes citric notes with florals, musk and precious woods.

With the freshness of tangy spices, like ginger and black pepper, as well as hot woods such as sandalwood and cedar, Natura Homem Sagaz Eau de Parfum is a bold fragrance perfect for man that know what he wants.