Before using any makeup, daily care with your facial skin is the first step towards ensuring you look your best. The beauty routine includes cleaning, toning, moisturising and, lastly, protecting. Check out the following tips for skin that is well cared for and makeup that lasts longer.


Did you know that there is a right way to cleanse your skin, depending on what type it is? Evidently, if your skin is oily or mixed, the products will be different from those used by people who have dry skin, for instance. On the other hand, there is a basic rule that goes for all skin types: it is better to wash your face with cold water, because hot water dries out the skin and stimulates the production of the sebaceous glands.

Indicated for all skin types, Gentle Cleansing Mousse gently removes impurities, forming a delicate film over the skin, leaving it soft.

If your skin is oily or combination, try using Deep Purifying Pore Cleanser. With a texture that does not make the skin oilier and salicylic acid, it helps control oiliness throughout the day.

For normal or dry skin, the best thing is to look for products that cleanse but do not remove the face’s natural barriers. Gentle Cleansing Mousse is a good suggestion for cleaning since this product is ideal for all skin types.

It is recommended that you wash your face twice a day, in the morning and at night, always with cold water.


The second stage of the routine is toning the skin, to eliminate toxins, balance the pH and to boost the effects of the products that will follow, be they anti-signs or moisturisers. If your skin is combination to oily, try Pore Purifying Essence, because it keeps oiliness under control and helps treat acne.

Whereas a Hydrating Toner, is perfect for ensuring the softness of normal to dry skin, since it requires more hydration, without that stretching sensation!

After cleansing, apply the toner to your face and neck using cotton wool. It is not necessary to rinse it, but wait a few minutes before putting on the next product. This gives the skin time to absorb the toner and ensure the effectiveness of the active ingredients.


One of the biggest myths in daily facial care is that people with oily or mixed skin do not need to apply moisturisers. Regardless of your skin type, hydration is an important step towards having perfect skin for makeup, preventing it from caking or not fixing well.

To choose the best moisturiser for you, pay attention to the texture: using a cream, gel or lotion can make all the difference to the final result. After cleaning and toning, apply your preferred moisturiser, massaging it into the face with circular movements. Wait for the product to dry before apply sun protection.


Nowadays, in addition to protecting against UVA and UVB rays, we have to take care with other external factors that may harm the skin, such as pollution and free radicals.

With this in mind, you may opt for a multifunctional product, such as Ultra-light Multi-protective Fluid. It not only offers great protection against sun rays, but also against pollution, stress and early ageing. Tip: shake well before using. The fluid is perfect for use before applying makeup because it has an ultra-dry touch and does not leave a white residue.

As with the other products in your routine, the protector must also be suitable for your skin type.

Step by step daily facial skin care

1. Clean your face with a specific soap for your type of skin twice a day, in the morning and at night, always with cold water.

2. Eliminate the toxins from your daily routine with the toning stage, using an astringent facial toner or a moisturising facial toner if your skin is dry.

3. Whatever your skin type, moisturising is a fundamental stage. Choose the facial moisturiser in accordance with the needs of your skin and apply it always after cleaning and toning.

4. End this stage with sun protection, particularly in the morning. Don’t forget to apply the protector in the neck region.

5. After this daily care, follow your preferred makeup routine - be it more natural or more colourful.

6. Repeat the cleaning, toning and moisturising stages at night, starting by removing your makeup.

7. Invest in night treatments to take care of your facial skin while you sleep.