In 2018, the seal granted by the UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade), an international non-profit association, made the three principles underpinning our entire business visible in our Ekos products: fair trade, conservation of Brazilian biodiversity and community relations based on trust.

The seal confirms that all the vegetable ingredients used in the formulation of Ekos products have been submitted to a system that evaluates compliance with the UEBT bioTrade principles, such as practices that ensure the maintenance of ecosystems, fair sharing of benefits from the use of biodiversity and associated traditional knowledge, respect for working conditions, among other factors.

Double verification

The verification occurs on two levels. The first is conducted directly in the producer communities, cooperatives, associations and families with whom we work to source the Amazonian ingredients that justify our claim (the main Ekos ingredients), such as Ucuuba, Andiroba and Murumuru. In 2018, 70 ingredient supply chains from 34 suppliers were submitted to a traceability and field verification system that assessed the ethical bioTrade criteria.

This field verification is conducted based on a system developed by Natura in partnership with UEBT. In 2016, the association certified the effectiveness of this form of assessment. In 2018, UEBT revalidated this certification.

The second level of verification is an audit we conduct by means of forms, questionnaires and documents with all large-scale suppliers of vegetable raw materials, such as palm oil, coconut and others. In this assessment, the minimum requirements of the UEBT ethical bioTrade standard must be met.

About the UEBT

The UEBT was created as an arm of the United Nations Organisation (UNO) in 2007 to promote businesses engaged in ethical and fair trade. The mission of the participants in the association, of which we are a founding member, is to promote supply practices that ensure the conservation of biodiversity, to respect traditional knowledge and to guarantee the fair distribution of benefits throughout the supply chain.

B Corp Company

The Ekos brand UEBT seal is complemented by another important certification underscoring our commitment to sustainable development. In May 2017, we were recertified as a member of B Corp, a global network of companies that associate economic growth with the promotion of social and environmental well-being. The company received its original B Corp certification in 2014.