Patauá is an anti-hair loss power for your hair.

Natura Ekos Patauá offers the strenght that your hair wants! This complete line is a growth-stimulating hair care treatment that accelerates growth up to 3 times, resulting in hair that is 4 times stronger and breakage reduced by 9 times. It treats your hair from the root, leaving it thicker, fuller-looking, and shinier while preserving the scalp.

Our new formulas are free from harmful ingredients, ensuring the well-being of both you and the planet.

Star Ingredient

Patauá is known for generations for its hair benefits. The raw oil helps to address weakened hair, transforming both the hair fiber and the scalp.

It promotes accelerated growth and prolongs the life of each strand, resulting in stronger, thicker, and more resilient hair. This leaves your hair feeling lighter, illuminated, and fortified.