boost your hair care routine with Amazon's golden oil

Has hair growth always been an issue for you? Formulated with Amazonian Pataua oil, our 100% vegan products prolong the growth phase of the hair cycle and reduce split ends by 70%.
Get stronger, healthier hair.

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your hair,

gorgeous again! 

To achieve and maintain stronger, kore voluminous, and less frizz hair has never been this easy.

Rich in fatty acids, multi-purpose Pataua oil strengthens the internal structure of the hair fiber, leaves hair soft and boost silkyness. With the omega 9 and light texture, it helps moisturize hair for long hours while its powerful phytocomplex strengthens the entire hair strands from roots to ends. Even better news?

You can see immediate results after one use!

better and faster results

Did you know that a healthy scalp affects the appearance of your hair? The pataua range of products not only help with improving your scalp health but also keeping the surface nourished, hydrated and protected. With this ideal conditions, the hair growth phase will be longer and better.

care for your hair, care for the planet

We are committed to a world that values diversity and biodiversity. 

We started working with the local Amazonian communities 20 years ago and this means, 20 years of intimacy
with the forest! Our products are endorsed by UEBT (Union for Ethical Bio Trade), an
international association that promotes sourcing natural ingredients with respect.
Many generations ago, local Amazonian women discovered the Patauá fruit as a major ingredient in hair growth.
Nowadays, combining natural origin formulas and technology, this golden oil promotes
healthier, strongerand more resistant hair all over the world.

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