We believe life is a chain of relationships and that everything is interdependent. From supplier communities in the Amazon to Natura beauty consultants all over the world, caring about our relations is a key priority to us. Learn more about how we do it.

Local Amazonian communities

Natura works directly with over 30 different communities - including more than 4600 families - in the Amazon to source the biodiversity ingredients for our products. Our intense partnership with the traditional Amazonian communities began in 1999, when we launched the Ekos Line, and is one of the most important aspects of Natura’s business model. This connection strengthens and values the knowledge of the people from the forest, supporting sustainable practices that help preserve the whole ecosystem. When you choose a Natura product, you are directly supporting these families and collaborating to keep the forest standing.

Natura Beauty Consultants

We care about how we develop our products just as much as we care about how we present them to consumers. Natura Beauty Consultants not only advise and sell our products, but also multiply the positive impact we seek to generate in the world through their relationships with consumers. Our direct sales model, named Social Selling, creates as much value for the consultants as it does for the consumers. We started the Social Selling model in 1974 and our powerful network grew exponentially since then. Today we are more than 1.7 million Beauty Consultants globally, collaborating to make positive impact in the world. We have grown in numbers, but also in sophistication, intensifying the network connections of our Beauty Consultants through our digital and mobile platforms. With digital and mobile tools, Natura Beauty Consultants maximize connections, sales and the positive impact in the world.


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