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Jessica Veronica Cañete | Argentina

“Being a Natura beauty consultant challenges me to always be moving forward. And what I most value with the relationship I have with my clients is the trust. This closeness, being able to sit down, not only to see the magazine, but also to chat a little.
To make it a prettier world, I work a lot with people, both from Natura’s consulting and betting on each one of my clients feeling nice about what they wear, what they use. "

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Stephanie Cerff Cerna 

“To be a Natura beauty consultant for me is to give beauty to other women and sell products without affecting the planet in a sustainable way with high quality. And the most important thing is that I sell quality products for my customers and they leave very happy with what they buy. In the end, what I offer is quality, well-being and sustainability.

I saw that Natura extracted the products in a sustainable way, that they do not do tests on animals, and that it would generate profits to give a better quality of life to my family. "


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Jacqueline González Garcés 

“For me, being a Natura beauty consultant means following my beliefs, given all the tools that Natura lends me to care for the environment and reduce plastic consumption. This is a essential pillar to me and what I believe.

I appreciate Natura’s approach it has caring for the environment and the sustainability which it entails. For me, a more beautiful world is being able to feel part of the ecosystem and not see humans as separate beings. Think more about the one next to you, whether human or not."


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Maribel Molina García 

"Being a Natura consultant is being part of a source of income in which you decide how much you want to earn, where to stop, gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with people that you didn’t even think about getting to know.

What I value most about my relationship with my clients is the respect and value they feel for my work. When I talk about Natura I can only smile because I feel proud to be part of this company. After I tried the products for the first time, I felt that they performed really well and that I could help spread the well-being I felt for those around me. It has made me a new woman, sure of myself, ”


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Amaranta Valdés Zorrilla | CHILE

“My greatest achievement as a Natura consultant is that they have recognized the person I am. What is most valuable about my relationship with my clients is that they trust me, they see in my wisdom and experience. And that is what I want to do in the end, to give them the best experience.
My story with Natura began 7 years ago. I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have money, I was just out of college, and I started selling products by social selling, among other things. 
Being a Natura consultant means giving people the belief in themselves.”

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