This superconcentrated gel repairs hydration levels according to the needs of the face. With Fevillea extract, hyaluronic acid and prebiotics, this intelligent moisturizing technology promotes an instant hydration recharge and stimulates your skin to self-hydrate intelligently. Refreshing and light formula.

  • Regulates the levels of water in skin depleted by dehydration and dryness, keeping skin moisturised
  • Instantly increases water levels on the skin surface
  • Increases water levels in deeper layers of the skin
  • Promotes balanced skin, by maintaining and balancing the skin microbiota
  • For all skin types
  • Apply the product to clean and dry skin, gently massaging it all over the face and neck
  • Use at least once a day, when you prefer, but before applying antisigns cream, sunscreen or makeup

With Fevillea extract, hialuronic acid and prebiotics

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