You'll love this product if...
• you want to simplify your beauty routine with 2 in 1 product: effect foundation + sunblock 
• you prefer makeup that also treats your skin
• you are looking for a natural brightener to reduce melanin production with no toxic side effects
• you want to prevent dark spots

Good to know:
Protects, brightens and prevents dark spots, combining the power of Aroeira, a natural brightener that reduces melanin production with no toxic or side effects, and Niacinamide, an important vitamin for sensitive skin, that boosts the synthesis of natural ceramides, making the skin healthier.

  • Brightens existing blemishes
  • Uniform toning effect, which disguises and uniformises skin tone
  • SPF 50 and PFUVA 25 protection
  • Prevents formation of new spots
Apply the product to clean and dry face 15 minutes before exposure to sun. Reapply as necessary

Aroeira and Niacinamide

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