A complete blend of antioxidant, restorative active compounds, Sapucainha and polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that protect against the loss of cellular energy, this oil stimulates the mechanisms that reverse the damage caused by daily aggressors (e.g. pollution).

  • Restores natural skin balance, vitality and radiance sensation
  • Slows aging signs: wrinkles, sagging and darkened areas
  • Stimulates natural defence mechanisms
  • Exclusive oil texture, suitable for facial skin, with ultralight, dry and velvety touch
  • Does not leave the skin with oily aspect
  • Apply 3 drops of oil to the palms of clean hands; rub hands together to warm the product up
  • Gently pat hands over face, with light pressure
  • Then finalise treatment by gently massaging into face
  • Oil can be applied to the neck and chest following the same ritual

Sapucainha and polyphenols

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