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You'll love these products if...
• your skin shows uneven skin tone + dark spots
• you want to brighten up your skin and reduce the difference in skin tone up to 70% in just two weeks
• you wish to prevent the formation of new types of dark spots in all stages
• you are looking for an simple and efficient skin tone treatment to do at home

Good to know:
Even Skin Tone Routine is a 4 steps beauty treatment to even your skin. It remove impurities, prepare the skin for a cosmetic treatment, hydrates and brightens the face. To simplify your beauty routine there is also a 2 in 1 product: Skin Tone Correcting Cream SPF 50+ which works as foundation and sunblock.

STEP 1. Gentle cleansing mousse
STEP 2. Hydrating toner (for normal/dry skin)
STEP 3. Dark spot corrector 10% pure vitamin C
STEP 4. Skin tone correcting cream SPF 50+ (light-medium or medium-dark)

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