you'll love this product if

your hair isn't full like it used to be
you wear hijab and want to keep your hair strong and beautiful
you just gave birth and your hair is falling out
your hair brakes a lot
your hair takes a long time to grow

    Promotes hair health, making hair stronger, fuller and more resistant to breakage by nourishing and strengthening the hair shaft. This lightweight, leave-in formula accelerates the growth of the strands and strengthens the capillary structure.

    • Healthier, silkier and smoother hair
    • Strengthens the entire hair shaft, from roots to ends, for thicker-feeling and denser-looking hair.
    • Boosts silkiness without leaving hair greasy
    • Treats and nourishes hair.
    • Prevents hair loss due to breakage
    • Strengthens strands from root to ends
    • More resistant hair
    • Use before going to bed. Shake the product to activate and apply it to the entire scalp and massage in with fingertips. Wash hands thoroughly after application. Do not rinse until morning, and only if necessary. Apply the tonic on alternate days, always maintaining an interval of 1 day between applications. Results should become visible after 1 month of continuous use.

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