You'll love these products if...
• you are looking for an intelligent and easy moisturizing system that repairs hydration levels according to the needs of each face region
 you want to keep your skin 5 times more hydrated
 you need a powerful combo, with smart technology products, that promotes instant hydration recharge
 your skin needs an immediate increase of water levels

Good to know:
This is the dream beauty routine for those who want a facial hydration boost. You will feel your skin instantly recharged and instantly hydrated up to 5 X in 24 hours! The combined use of the products will immediately increase skin water levels up to 84% and also stimulates skin´s intelligent self-hydration.

STEP 1. Gentle cleansing mousse
STEP 2. Hydrating toner (for normal/dry skin) or Pore purifying toner(for oily skin)
STEP 3. Aqua auto-replenish gel-hydrator
STEP 4. Ultra-light multi-protective fluid

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