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Multi-nourishing conditioner that immediately repairs dry hair, leaving the hair moisturised for longer, even after drying.
  • 3 times less frizz
  • More disciplined hair
  • 1.6 times fewer split ends
  • 2 times less volume


  • Pro-Teia Biotechnology
  • Active Nutrirrevitalization
  • Penetrates inside the fibre
  • Hair reconstruction treats capillary erosion
  • Balances hair fibre
  • Densifies hair
  • Recharges the nutrients and strand components
  • Repairs internal strand structure
  • Leaves no residue
  • Does not leave hair heavy after washing
  • Leaves the hair moisturised for longer, even after drying.
  • After washing with Lumina Nourishing shampoo, apply the conditioner to the strands,
  • avoiding the roots. Rinse.

Pró-Teia Biotechnology is an advanced solution which promotes a protein recharge that acts at a deeper level, filling the strands of hair intelligently from the inside out, acting on the precise extent of the damage.

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