You'll love this product if...
• you don't like to see your skin getting shiny during the day
• you want to take care of your oily skin while you are sleeping
you would like to have a double effect: oil control and collagen production
• you are looking for visible results, like less big pores in your skin

Good to know:
This powerful ingredients combination treats most issues caused by excess oil production, restores skin’s microbiome, balances and corrects imperfections of oily skin. Promotes immediate reduction in size of pores up to 78%.

immediately: attenuates skin brightness and oiliness
after 15 days: progressively decreases sebum production
after 7 days: reduces size and amount of visible pores above 78%
after 30 days: refines skin & improves texture

  • Accelerates cell turnover
  • Reduces sebum production
  • Promote skin cells renewal
  • Decreases adhesion of superficial skin cells
  • Rebalances skin’s microorganisms
  • Increases skin’s hydration
  • Astringent effect
  • During the first week of use, apply small amounts of product on alternative days
  • Then keep applying small amounts of the product to a clean and dry face once a day, in the evening
  • Indispensable use of sunscreen (minimum SPF30) during the day

Babaçu prebiotic + Mandelic + Acid LHA

See the full list of ingredients

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