Nature, Technology & Beauty all-in-one

It all started in 1969 in São Paulo, Brazil, with our co-founder Luiz Seabra and his passion for cosmetics and the power of human connections.

Since then, our mission has been to promote a beauty experience rooted in the delicate balance between nature and science. Our innovative formulas combine the biodiversity of the Amazon Forest with
the latest, greatest cosmetic technology in all our products.

Our approach has made us Brazil’s largest cosmetics multinational. We are a connected network of brands and over 6 million people, with phenomenal potential to drive change.

When you care, you create beauty

Today, with more than 50 years of experience, as we keep expanding, so do our efforts to spread knowledge, empower individuals, and foster positive global change.

This is what leads us to deliver exclusive, sustainable innovation in more than 2,000 products and over 7,000 formulas, 45 company-owned stores, products in 3,800 pharmacies, over 2 million Beauty Consultants around the world, and a market-leading online platform.

Feel the beauty of nature’s generosity

At Natura, we transform Amazon Forest ingredients into high-performing beauty secrets, such as our Ekos Tukumã line.

Its exclusive, innovative formulas, which use bioactive pulp and oil, help reduce waste in nature and provide amazing benefits for your skin, such as increasing the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid production by up to 77%.

Your skin renewed, the Amazon Forest regenerated.